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#1 “JUST ME.”

I do not charge for a service that I do automatically, in my case, although there is a financial compensation, I forget it so that the moment is magical, personalized and unforgettable, because the more satisfied my client is, the more I will be!

I am more than a woman with whom you have sex, my service goes far beyond just sleeping with a client, I am a clean, intelligent, cultured, prepared, fun, sensual woman who LOVES SEX AND MALE COMPANIES with whom you can spend unforgettable hours wrinkling the sheets but also with which you can go out wherever you want and will know how to be up to standard in every situation.

I know that all my clients are different, that some like some things and others like something else, that’s why I always want to know what each one likes, because that way I can satisfy their desires and also surprise them with new things according to their preferences. that our encounters do not become a routine and miss that magic for which many come to me.

I will always try to make my client feel good but I also want to feel the same, so I can forget that I am giving a service and I will behave in a NATURAL way giving myself COMPLETELY, that is why I need FEELING, with this I do not mean physical, I LOVE SERIOUS, DECISIVE MEN, WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT! For this reason I ask that you explain your wishes in an open manner so I can give you what you expect..

I AM NOT AN ANGEL NOR A DEMON, as I say in my presentation text I can be:

  • As much CHILD as you SPOIL me
  • As much WOMAN as you TREAT me,
  • As SMART as you DARE me,
  • As SENSUAL as you PROVOKE me.
  • AND SO ….

I prefer you to make an appointment with confirmation and if for reasons beyond your control you are going to be late to tell me that too and if you cannot come to the appointment you cancel on time, all this I ask because I like gentlemen, because I have also other things to do and I must organize myself to see you so if you do not come and do not cancel it will be a discourtesy. As for privacy, do not worry because I will always take care of YOURS and MINE, so do not be surprised if you do not get many details of my meeting places on the first call. I am 100% INDEPENDENT, but the first contact, that is the FIRST CALL, will be my telephone operator who will answer you:

  • FIRST: I have other things to do.
  • SECOND: When I’m with a client I do not like the noise of the telephone interrupting that moment.
  • THIRD: So there is always somebody to answer the calls.
  • LAST: The most important, I prefer her to be the one to inform me of your desires because I do not like to talk about PRIZES, nor services, I prefer feeling that this is NOT BUSINESS but a BLIND DATE so it will be more exciting, For this reason when the moment is there, do not ask me if you pay in advance? Just put the money on the table and let’s not talk about it anymore LET THE MOMENT FLOW IN A NATURAL WAY and I promise it will be one of the best experiences you ever had!


Valentina ♡


In this post I share one of the fantasies that I had the pleasure of making real, I post It exactly as I received It in my mail, the only thing that has been changed for privacy reasons is my client’s name.

I share It because I really liked the explanation my client gave me of everything he desired because It was very easy for me to make It come true.


Valentina ♡


Hello Valentina,

Thank you for our short telephone conversation.

I’d like to propose the next roleplay with you…


You are my brand new secretary. In the office you are turning around in high heels, latex pants, tight blouse with an even tighter waist belt and nerdy glasses and dark red lipstick.

Me as your boss can’t stop looking at you. One day you are totally fed up with me looking at you. And you are going to teach me a lesson I will never forget and you are going to show me WHO’S BOSS!!

you’re approaching me eminently on your heels and take sit on my lap, face to face. You gently guide my arms along site my torso. Suddenly you wrap your legs around my body and waist with your ankles clammed around each other and you press hard. I can’t move any more and have problems to breath. You look me deep into my eyes..Then you slap me in my face constantly…hard, really hard, and you are telling me the new house-rules, while looking deeply into my eyes!!

After a while you hoist me on my balls straight up and you push me to the wall…meanwhile I am terrified of your dominance and power. Standing against the wall, with one hand or foot on my throat (see attached), you repeatedly knee me in my balls…over and over again (see attached). You just wanna make sure that YOU are the boss NOT me!!

Last but not least, you double fold me (see attached) and let me cum in my mouth and force me to swallow my own cum!!

If you want to add some of your own style and touch, please do so!!

Duration: 1 hour.

How does that all sound?? hope you’re gonna enjoy this roleplay. I will!!

Tell me if this is possible for you, when and where you can receive me!

Kind regards,


#3 “KISSES…”

I am a companion but I am also a woman, kisses will depend on the chemistry that arises between me and who passes through the door.

First thing to consider is the bad smell of the mouth, product of poor oral hygiene, unbalanced rhythms, excess of saliva …

A kiss well given can cause hundreds of sensations: addiction, dizzyness, feeling of well-being but also desire to run away scared and never to be repeated again (I’m sure this last has happened to you).

No matter how they are: dry, wet, long, short, pure, suffocating, soft… a kiss can make sparks that jump, to explode with pleasure and put the hairs to the point of excitement because the kiss is indicative of passion and desire… but you have to know how to give , because a kiss can be as good as bad if it is not well given.

That’s why kissing is one of the most important foreplay games because it releases adrenaline and increases heart rate. Since the kiss excist men use it as “appetizer” and women feel the need to kiss before, during and after.

With a kiss both partners can explore each other.

Example: They can feel the degree of responsiveness of it and they can sense whether the man is able to achieve in bed (IN THIS SENSE THE TONGUE IS THE MIRROR OF THE PENIS).

Men prefere to kiss with a lot of tongue and with open mouth because they need a lot more of oxitócine.

Women prefer to start more gently, but slowly they get more excited. In fact, there are women endowed with great sensibility, who are able to reach orgasm with a kiss.

One thing is for sure: A hot and passionate kiss is much harder to pretend than an orgasm, you need to be a great pretender to do so. Perhaps because of this, one of the pending subjects of the pornographic cinema is the kiss because it is rare to find an X film in which there are GOOD AND PASSIONATE KISSES.


Valentina ♡


Checking my agenda on Saturday, July 28, I had an appointment with a student from Northern Europe, tall, blond with an incredible body and a baby face, that encounter brought me many surprises, one of them, because he explained this to me, was that he saw my photos for 3 years and even now he still knew which one was my first profile picture, another surprise was that with only 25 years of age he showed an experience in bed that left me with an open mouth.

I still remember the way he touched me, the way he kissed me, how he held me, how he changed my position, how he did everything … he even told me that if I did not like it i would tell him how I liked it because all women are different .

The truth is that it was one of my best GFE combined with kinky sex, the only thing I would change is to tell him to take off his glasses because with them on he looks like a HOT FASHION NERD.


Hi darling!
I’m finally back in Nederland.
I wrote review, sent it through your website’s contact form.

After this message I read his mail and with each word I relived every second. Thank you Student for your story!!


Valentina ♡


I just wanted to share my experience with you.

Ever since I first saw your pictures 3 years ago, I would always come back and look at them, fantasizing about the things I would like to do to you and the things I’d like you to do to me. However, being a poor student, I could not afford making an appointment and having my fantasies fulfilled.

That all changed this year when I finally graduated and got a job. To my excitement, you were taking appointments in Eindhoven and without waiting longer I made a date with you.

I came to the location and was let inside by you, asking to sit down. You offered me a drink, and we started chatting. You were so easy to make a quick connection with! You made me feel very comfortable and excited.
THEN you asked me to sit on the sofa and wait for you to come back. As I sat there patiently, I could feel my heart beat so strong as if my heart was about to jump off my chest – is this really happening? Am I finally going to meet the woman I’ve been fantasizing about for so long? Did I raise my expectations too high? Or will they be met?

I sat there for maybe a minute, but it felt like an hour.. And then you finally showed up in the doorway.. In all your beauty and sexiness. Dressed up in a sexy outfit. I could not believe it that it was you.. The woman whos pictures I’ve seen so many times.. Were finally standing right there in front of me. I was at a loss for words – you looked so much more sexy than I expected.

You led me to the bedroom and I got to get a glimpse of your amazing body leading me to the bathroom. Just that moment alone made me hornier than I’ve ever been before.

IT was time to shower. As you joined me I finally got to see you naked and I found myself at a loss for words for a second time. I could not believe that I’m right here with a woman as sexy as you. My hands just couldn’t help but touch your amazing body from head to toe… Until the shower was over and you led me onto the bed.

At that moment I did not even want to do anything but have you sit there in front of me and let me appreciate your amazing body. But my instincts kicked in and I charged myself onto you.

Whatever happened next needs no description. You are absolutely amazing at what you do and I enjoyed every single moment of it. I still think about that night often and it gets me really horny. I can’t wait to experience that again.

After 3 years of fantasizing and waiting, I was afraid that I set my expectations too high. However, I had no idea that my expectations were so much less than the real experience. Thank you and I cannot wait to see you again.

#5 “GFE.”

Girl Friend Experience (GFE) is a kind of service that we ladies of company offer, the main characteristic is that we act as the client’s girlfriend.

The “Girlfriend Experience” supposes a greater personal interaction in comparison with the offered services that we normally do; It should be noted that the degree of interaction changes depending on the person. The main characteristic is that there is not a high priority in having sex, but having a more intimate and personal experience.

The sessions usually last longer than a normal service because they are “without hurry”.

The services included in a GFE are kisses, caresses, flirting, sexual play, fellatio, cunnilingus with a bit of romanticism.


Valentina ♡

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