People say that multiorgasmic women are able to feel many orgasms in a single relationship.

This has nothing to do with protagonists of a triple X tape, it is a serious and complex reality.

These are real cases, multiorgasmic women are not a myth, they are women who were born with that ability and biological condition.

Not many women can experience an excitement of such magnitude. Only 7% of privileged women are multiorgasmic women who can feel several consecutive orgasms in the same sexual relationship.

These women posess the ability to experience a very intense physical and mental excitement , reaching the climax many times due to the continuous sensations that perceives their body.

The orgasms after the first ones that these women feel are usually more intense and pleasurable so after the first orgasms the party begins…!!!

For some women, repeated orgasms can become a problem, because some men do not measure up; but don’t feel intimidated by these women because they are spontaneous and know how to handle their sensations to the maximum, they know their body and usually explain their preferences in an open way.


Valentina ♡

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