In this post I share one of the fantasies that I had the pleasure of making real, I post It exactly as I received It in my mail, the only thing that has been changed for privacy reasons is my client’s name.

I share It because I really liked the explanation my client gave me of everything he desired because It was very easy for me to make It come true.


Valentina ♡


Hello Valentina,

Thank you for our short telephone conversation.

I’d like to propose the next roleplay with you…


You are my brand new secretary. In the office you are turning around in high heels, latex pants, tight blouse with an even tighter waist belt and nerdy glasses and dark red lipstick.

Me as your boss can’t stop looking at you. One day you are totally fed up with me looking at you. And you are going to teach me a lesson I will never forget and you are going to show me WHO’S BOSS!!

you’re approaching me eminently on your heels and take sit on my lap, face to face. You gently guide my arms along site my torso. Suddenly you wrap your legs around my body and waist with your ankles clammed around each other and you press hard. I can’t move any more and have problems to breath. You look me deep into my eyes..Then you slap me in my face constantly…hard, really hard, and you are telling me the new house-rules, while looking deeply into my eyes!!

After a while you hoist me on my balls straight up and you push me to the wall…meanwhile I am terrified of your dominance and power. Standing against the wall, with one hand or foot on my throat (see attached), you repeatedly knee me in my balls…over and over again (see attached). You just wanna make sure that YOU are the boss NOT me!!

Last but not least, you double fold me (see attached) and let me cum in my mouth and force me to swallow my own cum!!

If you want to add some of your own style and touch, please do so!!

Duration: 1 hour.

How does that all sound?? hope you’re gonna enjoy this roleplay. I will!!

Tell me if this is possible for you, when and where you can receive me!

Kind regards,


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