#3 “KISSES…”

I am a companion but I am also a woman, kisses will depend on the chemistry that arises between me and who passes through the door.

First thing to consider is the bad smell of the mouth, product of poor oral hygiene, unbalanced rhythms, excess of saliva …

A kiss well given can cause hundreds of sensations: addiction, dizzyness, feeling of well-being but also desire to run away scared and never to be repeated again (I’m sure this last has happened to you).

No matter how they are: dry, wet, long, short, pure, suffocating, soft… a kiss can make sparks that jump, to explode with pleasure and put the hairs to the point of excitement because the kiss is indicative of passion and desire… but you have to know how to give , because a kiss can be as good as bad if it is not well given.

That’s why kissing is one of the most important foreplay games because it releases adrenaline and increases heart rate. Since the kiss excist men use it as “appetizer” and women feel the need to kiss before, during and after.

With a kiss both partners can explore each other.

Example: They can feel the degree of responsiveness of it and they can sense whether the man is able to achieve in bed (IN THIS SENSE THE TONGUE IS THE MIRROR OF THE PENIS).

Men prefere to kiss with a lot of tongue and with open mouth because they need a lot more of oxitócine.

Women prefer to start more gently, but slowly they get more excited. In fact, there are women endowed with great sensibility, who are able to reach orgasm with a kiss.

One thing is for sure: A hot and passionate kiss is much harder to pretend than an orgasm, you need to be a great pretender to do so. Perhaps because of this, one of the pending subjects of the pornographic cinema is the kiss because it is rare to find an X film in which there are GOOD AND PASSIONATE KISSES.


Valentina ♡

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