#8 “OTHER FANTASY MADE REAL” (to this fantasy I will put it as a title: Sensory deprivation).

In this post I share other of the fantasies that I had the pleasure of make real, I post It exactly as I receive It in my whatsaap the only thing that has been change for privacy reason is my client’s name.

I share It because this is one of the best I’ve done with Aron


Valentina ♡


May I ask you something? I have a fantasy which you might be able to fulfill.

I fantasised about entering your room and when i enter you are behind the corner ordering me to put on a blindfold, mouthgag and a collar around my neck without seeing you. When i do you ask me to step into the room. Then you undress me and wash me a little roughly. Then you tie my hands really tightly behind my back. You order me to kneel and explore your body with my face.

Then you take my mouthgag out and order me to pleasure you. After a while you order me to kneel on the bed, you give me a good sniff of the poppers and start taking me from behind with a strap on while using a whip.

What happens next is completely up to you…

As i said this is just a fantasy which irecently had and i would like to fullfill it with you 🙂 I dont know if its possible 😇 sorry for the long story.

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