#1 “JUST ME.”

I do not charge for a service that I do automatically, in my case, although there is a financial compensation, I forget it so that the moment is magical, personalized and unforgettable, because the more satisfied my client is, the more I will be!

I am more than a woman with whom you have sex, my service goes far beyond just sleeping with a client, I am a clean, intelligent, cultured, prepared, fun, sensual woman who LOVES SEX AND MALE COMPANIES with whom you can spend unforgettable hours wrinkling the sheets but also with which you can go out wherever you want and will know how to be up to standard in every situation.

I know that all my clients are different, that some like some things and others like something else, that’s why I always want to know what each one likes, because that way I can satisfy their desires and also surprise them with new things according to their preferences. that our encounters do not become a routine and miss that magic for which many come to me.

I will always try to make my client feel good but I also want to feel the same, so I can forget that I am giving a service and I will behave in a NATURAL way giving myself COMPLETELY, that is why I need FEELING, with this I do not mean physical, I LOVE SERIOUS, DECISIVE MEN, WHO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT! For this reason I ask that you explain your wishes in an open manner so I can give you what you expect..

I AM NOT AN ANGEL NOR A DEMON, as I say in my presentation text I can be:

  • As much CHILD as you SPOIL me
  • As much WOMAN as you TREAT me,
  • As SMART as you DARE me,
  • As SENSUAL as you PROVOKE me.
  • AND SO ….

I prefer you to make an appointment with confirmation and if for reasons beyond your control you are going to be late to tell me that too and if you cannot come to the appointment you cancel on time, all this I ask because I like gentlemen, because I have also other things to do and I must organize myself to see you so if you do not come and do not cancel it will be a discourtesy. As for privacy, do not worry because I will always take care of YOURS and MINE, so do not be surprised if you do not get many details of my meeting places on the first call. I am 100% INDEPENDENT, but the first contact, that is the FIRST CALL, will be my telephone operator who will answer you:

  • FIRST: I have other things to do.
  • SECOND: When I’m with a client I do not like the noise of the telephone interrupting that moment.
  • THIRD: So there is always somebody to answer the calls.
  • LAST: The most important, I prefer her to be the one to inform me of your desires because I do not like to talk about PRIZES, nor services, I prefer feeling that this is NOT BUSINESS but a BLIND DATE so it will be more exciting, For this reason when the moment is there, do not ask me if you pay in advance? Just put the money on the table and let’s not talk about it anymore LET THE MOMENT FLOW IN A NATURAL WAY and I promise it will be one of the best experiences you ever had!


Valentina ♡

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