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I have decided to discuss different topics from my world of seduction and fantasies and share some stories and experiences for you, so you can get to know me a little better.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing.

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#6 “FEMDOM.”

Female domination (FEMDOM) is any BDSM practice in which the dominant part is female. Usually the dominant woman is called DOMINA, AMA, DOMINATRIX, MISTRESS depending on the context or personal preferences. A dominatrix does not necessarily have to dominate a male partner; you can also have a submissive woman; but this is called (LEZDOM).

In female domination, the woman decides and the man voluntarily accepts the leadership of the woman. The femdom has an eminently sexual approach.

As in other BDSM orientations, there is no predefined set of activities that necessarily belong to the field of female domination. Generally, the dominant woman determines the concrete activities in the context of an MUTUALLY AGREED encounter.

It could be said that there is some confusion between the basis of female domination, as a couple relationship, and their practices.


  • WHIPS (spanking).
  • SLAPS.




Fetishes are objects, parts of the body, people, activities, etc … not directly related to sex, which produce in some people PLEASURE and SEXUAL EXCITATION.

Next I will mention the most common fetishes and I can tell you that I also have mine. AND DO YOU…???



It is the most popular fetish and is directly related to sex. The fetish with lingerie may consist in wanting to smell, touch or see a certain person with underwear.


They are another fetish that has more popular acceptance among men although there are women who also have it.

The heels and the feet of the woman, as well as the stockings have in this case an erotic connotation.


It is a virtual type of sex in which through a telephone conversation that goes up in tone and the participants get excited.


The fetishes related to costumes are associated with a role play in which one of the members of the couple is the authority and the other the dominated. For example:

– Doctor and Nurse.

– Boss and secretary.

– Criminal and Police Woman.

– Teacher and student; etc.


This fetish is very common among celebrities, it is about having sex in public places, in recording, being photographed, etc., to be seen by others.


It is to enjoy spying on someone, usually, either having sex or playing with themselves. It can be through a broken door, through a window or by a hidden camera. The consent of adults can configure this as a role play, but some people take it to a disgusting and even illegal level.


It gives the feeling of pleasure and excitement to have sex in small and enclosed places like an elevator, a bathroom, a car, etc.


It consists of urinating and being urinated by couples during sex.

Dr. Stephen Hucker, from the University of Toronto, Canada, explains:

This fetish would include practices such as urinating or urinating by the partner, drinking urine, watching others urinate or urinating on themselves; In addition, it carries a background of humiliation, which is why it is common in sadomasochism.


Fascination of tight suits in rubber, latex or leather. They can enjoy using it themselves or having their partner do it. It can be the appearance, the sensation, the smell and even the flavor.

If you ever know someone who really cared about Catwoman, now you know why.

  • BDSM

BDSM or Bondage, domination and submission, sadism and masochism is about power dynamics and, often, pain. This is quite common, and there is a good chance that you have dabbled in some minor things.

The unconditional devotees go to all the dungeons.

It’s about the excitement and pleasure of infringing or being inflicted with pain, submission and humiliation.


Valentina ♡

#8 “OTHER FANTASY MADE REAL” (to this fantasy I will put it as a title: Sensory deprivation).

In this post I share other of the fantasies that I had the pleasure of make real, I post It exactly as I receive It in my whatsaap the only thing that has been change for privacy reason is my client’s name.

I share It because this is one of the best I’ve done with Aron


Valentina ♡


May I ask you something? I have a fantasy which you might be able to fulfill.

I fantasised about entering your room and when i enter you are behind the corner ordering me to put on a blindfold, mouthgag and a collar around my neck without seeing you. When i do you ask me to step into the room. Then you undress me and wash me a little roughly. Then you tie my hands really tightly behind my back. You order me to kneel and explore your body with my face.

Then you take my mouthgag out and order me to pleasure you. After a while you order me to kneel on the bed, you give me a good sniff of the poppers and start taking me from behind with a strap on while using a whip.

What happens next is completely up to you…

As i said this is just a fantasy which irecently had and i would like to fullfill it with you 🙂 I dont know if its possible 😇 sorry for the long story.

#9 “BDSM.”

BDSM is a term created to include a group of practices and erotic fantasies. They are the abreviations of:

  • Bondage and Discipline.
  • Dominance and Submission.
  • Sadism and Masochism.

Therefore, covers a series of practices and sexual interests linked and related to what is called alternative sexualities..

BDSM relationships must follow a “SAFE, SANE AND CONSENSUAL” SSC mode in their practices:

  • SAFE: Regarding the necessary knowledge about its development and about the material used, as well as about the prevention of risks.
  • SANE: Regarding the reasonable ability of decision by the actors, not altered by drugs or beverages and according to the experience of each participant, knowing how to differentiate between fantasy and reality.
  • CONSENSUAL: Taking in account that participants agree on the way and intensity with which they are made, and that the agreement also can be canceled at any time.

Given that many of the situations during a session contain elements of fantasy and role, and that in some of them the “PROTEST” of the submissive participant was staged, it was necessary to create a communication system that would allow this to make clear the moment in which his protest was real and amounted to the desire not to CONTINUE. And it was necessary that the dominant could clearly perceive this desire and differentiate it from the staging of “NO, NO MORE !”, Which could be part of the agreed sexual game. The solution was the so-called “SAFEWORD”. It can be a word of quick diction and sound like “STOP”.

The WORD-CODE, also so-called, is used by the submissive party to indicate quickly that the grade, circumstances or activity that is being developed is not of their liking and that they wish to stop. The ethics of the BDSM prefix that at all times the DOMINANT PARTY WILL RESPECT and will interrupt the activity.
The safeword should not contain phonetically faint sounds, to avoid misunderstanding with background music. Neither should it contain the vowel “i”.


  • BONDAGE: Subjection that certain links imply, in certain relations of subordination. In previous centuries, united masters and slaves, it is associated with ropes or other constraint elements, which are often used in BDSM. The erotic practices related to bondage are properly those that establish roles, with the constraints and restrictions for erotic purposes.
  • DISCIPLINE: Erotic practices related to rules, punishments, training, behavioral protocols, postures according to the circumstances, etc


  • DOMINATION: Erotic practices in which a person adopts a dominant role to act according to his will and his desire over one or more persons who adopt a submissive role. The person in the dominant role commands and disposes. It is always a dominating constantly subject to consensus and the limits set by the person who accepts to be dominated. BDSM rejects all practices of domination, however small, that is, that it does not have the current consensus of the dominated person.
  • SUBMISSION: Erotic practices in which a person adopts a submissive role where he remains under the will of one or more other people who take a dominant role. It is the complementary situation of domination, therefore often speak of D/s relationships. The person in the submissive role obeys or allows action on his or her body. It is always a situation of voluntary submission, within the framework of the limits set by the person who adopts the submissive role.


  • SADISM: Erotic practices in which a person gets pleasure causing pain, humiliation or discomfort to another person who accepts that situation. It is always about voluntary practices that can not go beyond the limits established by the person who receives pain, humiliation or discomfort, and which can be stopped at any time. The person who adopts the sadistic role, CARES at all times the situation of the person receiving the pain, humiliation or discomfort, in order to avoid any harm.
  • MASOQUISM: Erotic practices in which a person gets pleasure experiencing pain, humiliation or discomfort, usually at the hands of another person who accepts that situation. It is always about voluntary practices that can not go beyond the limits established by the person who receives pain, humiliation or discomfort, and which can be STOPPED at any time.


Given the diversity that characterizes to BDSM, it is difficult to make a description of the practices that most frequently occur in such relationships.


  • Bondage, ritualized attachments
  • Wax.
  • Tweezers.
  • Rituals of Submission.
  • Rituales of Humiliation.
  • Flagellation (Flogging) or erotic torture.
  • Controlled and generally limited sexuality.
  • Use of certain signals (submission and domination collar, rings, bracelets)
  • Equestrian dominance.
  • Exhibition
  • Dress code.
  • Erotic breastfeeding.
  • Extreme sex practices (fisting, golden rain, silver rain, Roman rain, etc…).


  • Worship of footwear.
  • Trampling.
  • Tease and denial.
  • Food job.
  • Food fist fucking.
  • Fist fucking.
  • Ballbusting.
  • Smoke.
  • Tweezers and pliers.
  • Gags.
  • Spanking.
  • Asphyxiation.
  • Strangulation.
  • Medical
  • Sensory deprivation.
  • Worship of the mistress.
  • Control over the submissive (change of name for permanent sessions).
  • Property marks (jewelry, necklaces medallions etc).
  • Postures.
  • Chastity belt.
  • Cleanliness rituals.
  • Education and exams.
  • Domestic service.
  • Rent the slave to another mistress.
  • Exhibition of the slave.
  • Animalism.
  • Hospitalization.

Many of the practices and uses do have a common importance, such as the collar, the initiation ceremonies, the rings, the marks and tattoos, the clothes and the code signals,




Oral sex is one of the favorite practices of women. However finding a lover who knows how to use his tongue and enjoy it is not easy.
The first thing you should know is that we all have different tastes. But physiologically and anatomically we share some generalities. For these reasons, I dare to tell you about how we like oral sex to women.

Stimulating the clitoris is very simple. The recommendation is to do it as if you had a finger or a teat between your mouth. But be careful yo do it not too hard because depending on the sensitivity of the woman, it can become painful and uncomfortable.

Learn to read her movements, when she tries to withdraw your head it is because she does not feel comfortable. The key is to talk and know the degree of intensity and speed that she wants. Find out what she likes best so do not hesitate to ask questions.

The movements of the tongue can be fast or slow and although for some it is transcendental to lick the clitoris, you must learn to stimulate the vagina completely. Do it in a delicate way.

If you put your fingers in the vagina do it only when its is lubricated, otherwise it will hurt. It is ideal to use the fingers: ringfinger and middlefinger, although there are women like me who prefer the use of a toy.

The orgasm will not be reached if the stimulation is intermittent. A good frequency, delicacy in the touch and repetitive sessions, with good movements will be well received.

Women hate to stop oral sex to change position. Having an orgasm needs concentration and stimulation. It is important that from the beginning you choose a position in which both feel comfortable.

Play with water-based lubricants or look for alternatives such as flavored oils.
Temperature changes are an excellent idea. Put some ice in the mouth to cool the tongue and make massage around the vagina. Experiment using menthol candies, they provide an ideal sensation to dilate the pores of the vagina, also you can use hot oils or masturbate to warm up.


  • Blowing in the vagina.
  • Biting the clítoris.
  • Being untidy.
  • Feeling disgust.