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I have decided to discuss different topics from my world of seduction and fantasies and share some stories and experiences for you, so you can get to know me a little better.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing.

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On 04 december I received an e-mail in which the client explained his fantasy to me, when I started reading I imagined everything he asked me and I was curious to meet the person behind those lines, and believe me, at that moment the CLICK was born.

After reading the e-mail I replied to him that I could do what he asked me, he answered my message with another email in which he sent me his phonenumber to set date and time for our meeting done by whatsapp.

I adore those clients who know what they want and who after my answer ask me for an appointment without so much blah blah blah.

When that day came and he was standing in front of me it was such a big surprise because that man was better than I imagined… that smile, those eyes, teeth, that beard so perfect and the best thing was that all of this was accompanied by a great personality , I was looking at what I call a man FULL PAQUET.

We talked for a while, then I took a chair that I put in the center of the room to do the streaptease that he had requested, I sat on him with his clothes on, I started dancing slowly and looking in his eyes I undressed myself little by little, after doing everything he asked me the party began so I put him on his feet still with his clothes on because I love playing like that, there is nothing sexier than seeing and toutch hard penis under the pants …ufff everything that happened from that moment was incredible, I did not want the time to pass the only thing I can say is that every hour, every minute and second could not be better, it was amazing, these are those appointments that you do not want to end, I would call it: “Kinky Girl Friend Experience “.

In the end he told me that next time we would see each other in Utrecht and believe me after a week I am still wishing that this day would arrive. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE…!!!

Thanks bussiness man was mmm…


Valentina ♡

I have a fantasy for a long time and i am curious if you can fulfill it for me. It is a fantasy where you are my dominant secretary.

I have already read a blog about this on your website and I think you are in for such things. You look fantastic in any case.

I would love to meet you in a sexy skirt, nylons, high heels and red lips. (Sexy secretary look) then you give me a striptease and dress me slowly and teasend where you tie my hands while I sit on a chair is. Now I am powerless and you are the boss over me. I have a fantasy where I then get your panties pushed into my mouth and then you go tease my whole body and with my hands tied and your panties in mouth you give me a blowjob and all teasing you make me crazy. If I can not handle the tension anymore, you will oblige me to treat your body while my hands are still tied up. You can determine the further course. You are dominant over me and I will do everything you instruct. I love it when you are dominant but not of the harder sm with pain.

I would like to speak for a longer date of at least two hours in Eindhoven.

If you want to enjoy this game any longer, I also want to meet for three hours.

I am very curious about your reaction.




Sexuality offers many nuances, options and ways and “KINKY SEX” is one of them. Kinky sex is daring, spontaneous, shameless, explosive and a littlebit wild sex.

With the “KINKY” woman you never know what the moment brings to you. With her the surprises come alone; but who would not like to add a touch of novelty, passion and joy in his sexual life? “Imagination allows us to create that space of passion, fervor and desire.

A KINKY woman will always have at hand a silky handkerchief, a feather, a vibrator or a garter belt and some of them will use obscene words.

There are KINKY women who take one more step to shoot the adrenaline with practices like: sex in public places, fetishes or sadomasochistic games.

A KINKY woman always tries to give life to the moment so she does not fall into routine, because she does not like to get bored. She usually breaks the routine with creativity and dares to do different things with passion and eroticism.

For a KINKY woman her room is a sanctuary for pleasure en seduction.


• Knows how to fantasize, create images. Imagination is her raw material.

• Has clear what motivates her sexually, what triggers her and what elements should be included in her intimate encounter.

• Permission is granted to play without prejudices.

• Is willing to new things that cause pleasure, excite her and allow her to fantasize.

• Has enough confidence to express her desire to experiment.

• Establishes the rules of the game in a consensual manner.

• Expresses what she likes and what not, regardless of what the other expects and in a respectfull and open manner, always leaving open the possibility to say “no”.

• There is no excuse for lack of time. Any time lends itself for a roguish gesture.


Valentina ♡


People say that multiorgasmic women are able to feel many orgasms in a single relationship.

This has nothing to do with protagonists of a triple X tape, it is a serious and complex reality.

These are real cases, multiorgasmic women are not a myth, they are women who were born with that ability and biological condition.

Not many women can experience an excitement of such magnitude. Only 7% of privileged women are multiorgasmic women who can feel several consecutive orgasms in the same sexual relationship.

These women posess the ability to experience a very intense physical and mental excitement , reaching the climax many times due to the continuous sensations that perceives their body.

The orgasms after the first ones that these women feel are usually more intense and pleasurable so after the first orgasms the party begins…!!!

For some women, repeated orgasms can become a problem, because some men do not measure up; but don’t feel intimidated by these women because they are spontaneous and know how to handle their sensations to the maximum, they know their body and usually explain their preferences in an open way.


Valentina ♡


First of all I want to thank all those clients who are in the POSITIVE group because the truth is that we all dream of you.

The positive client is the client that goes directly example:

  • He calls you and says: Hi Valentina I saw your ad, do you have time for me at 17:00 for one hour?
  • He sends you a message with his wishes so you will know what you can expect from this appointment and not be wasting precious time on the phone.
  • Makes an appointment on time.
  • Confirms you before.
  • He does not call you every day before the appointment to talk about the same.
  • Is punctual on the day of the appointment.
  • He does not cancel the date at the last moment because he is a gentleman “doing this is a discourteous and you might lose another client who would have come”.
  • He comes to the appointment as if he came to see his girlfriend “Fresh, scented, taking care of every detail and if he comes from work, he goes directly to take a shower.

The opposite of the positive client is the negative client example:

  • He asks you for information that is in your ad or on your website: Where are you from? What is your price? What services do you do? He asks you for services that are not on your list.
  • Cancels you shortly after making the appointment or 10 min before the scheduled time.
  • When he writes you he says: Hello baby! I want to fuck u, I like your titis. Speaks without respect and as if he knows you.
  • Writes and writes you on WhatsApp and never makes an appointment.
  • He sends you pictures of himself so you can see how handsome he is.
  • Calls you by video call without knowing you.
  • Calls you, your colleagues and all others.
  • It is usually one of those phone numbers that you consult in the faker lists that we women work with and are already there once, twice, three or more times.

In short, the positive client knows what he wants, he is serious, he is a gentleman and of course he will be WELCOME.

The negative customer is rude, looking for a thousand ways to waste your time, wants to get your attention and of course HE WILL NOT BE WELCOME. SO PLEASE DON’T CALL ME BECAUSE I DON’T ENTER YOUR GAME.


Valentina ♡