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Cancellation policy



I like to have everything under control, both for me and for you. For that reason, I have decided to make this section so that it is clear what my reservation and cancellation policy is.


You must understand that I reserve your time and respect this agreement. Even if I have more proposals and I have also other things to do and I must organize myself to see you.


Before you make an appointment with me, please understand my conditions and cancellation policy. Although in my service there is an economic compensation, I prefer to talk about these issues before. I want that, at the time of our appointment, everything flows in a natural way and with nothing to interrupt that moment.


▪︎ My time is precious as well as yours, so please before calling me, check my website, since there is all the information you need to know, before making an appointment with me: Prices, Services, Working hours, Languages etc ...


▪︎ I only answer in my working hours. For this reason I ask you to consult it before. To make an appointment, you can call or write by Whatsapp.


▪︎ I will attend calls or WhatsApp just to make appoinment. I would like you to understand, that I have more people to whom I must answer.


▪︎ To make appoinment with me I need you to provide me exactly: When, What time, How long, Wich city and Type Services?


▪︎ I do not answer calls from private numbers.

▪︎For me the privacy is important. For that reason, I do not answer video calls, nor do I send photos or videos.

▪︎ You can write by email only if you have called me or written by phone before.


▪︎ When the appointment is scheduled, it is not necessary for you to write or call me every day.


▪︎ If you want to send me your wishes or desires after making an appointment, you can do it by mail or whatsapp.


▪︎ The appointment begins at the agreed time neither earlier nor later.


▪︎ The appointment can be canceled immediately, if you do not meet standard hygiene. You expect this from me, as I also expect this from you.


▪︎ Please pay the agreed amount when you arrive. Be a gentleman and don't make me ask for it (you can put it on the table or better you put it in an envelope).



▪︎ To reserve, you must pay 25% in advance, to make a reservation, since your time will not be given to anyone.


▪︎ For cancellation, you must do it 48 hours before.


▪︎ If you cancel 24 hours before, you have to pay 50%


▪︎ If you cancel the same day, you must pay 100%.


▪︎ If I must cancel an appointment, I will return the deposit.




Kisses, Valentina ♡

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